Sunday, 6 September 2009

have i mentioned..

i now have 3 notebooks (diaries)
my weekday one - reporter moleskine

my weekend one - warhol diary

my nighttime one - murakami diary

and 4 blogs
this one
the shared one with rachellle
the comic blog with zivya (altho we're not doing that currently..should get back to it..maybe not have it as a daily)
and my personal (only i can read it) blog
and i twitter. and i feel i need all of them.
the way to insanity wot?


rachellle said...

Moleskine! I must go Moleskine shopping, there's a discount in a shop on campus. :D

pave said...

ooh! then yes u must. moleskines on discount r a dream come true!

hemingway said...

Going tomorrow I think... :D