Monday, 28 September 2009

what now?

it is the last day of the long weekend and im not done yet... there is more to be done yes? i have joined a library. read 3 books. and 1 short story. painted 3 tees. just painted. steamed the sickness out of me. sneezed mad amounts. woke up in the middle of the night with a stuffed nose..and just watched (500)days of summer... which i must admit has left me restless and wanting to go do something. anything. something more. but what? (anything but bathe..i should bathe...but i dont wanna..)


rachellle said...

How can you read three books in, like, three days? I'm in awe.

pave said...

lol they were the short semi trashy sure the elizabeth gaskell will take me longer...and they were holidays so i could read all the time.. unlike workdays where i fit like max 2 hrs reading in :/

but in school i read mad and 2/3 friends would borrow like 6 books every 2 weeks and read each others books as well...which worked up to like 18 or more in 2 weeks :D so it feels like i hardly read at all now..

pave said...

the 3 books

in his kiss - julia quinn (trashy)
oliver's story - erich segal (semi trashy)
n.p. - banana yoshimoto (not trashy)