Thursday, 10 September 2009

why i like wednesdays - by pavi (age, 23 or 5 depending)

anthropomorphic personification of wednesday

wednesdays are the best day of the (work) week (not counting saturday which is the best day of the week for obvious reasons). i have a variety of theories to explain the sudden lift in mood that comes upon me on wednesdays.

wednesday begins with the letter double-u (or) 'w' sometimes known as doobluhvay. and 'weekend' also begins with the aforementioned excellent letter. so its a visual brain illusion...leading to the whole day feeling a bit like friday night.

-when's the day?
-today! it's whensday!

Wen's day
Wen - Wen the eternally surprised.


Slippery Reflections said...

hehe idiot! :D

pave said...

i r become corny no? :P

hrafn said...

Another reason to like Wednesdays: Wednesday is Odin's day and he is awesome. When I grow up I want to have one eye and two ravens too.

pave said...

i r now googling odin and wednesday :)

wednesday addams said...

Speaking of Norse gods and Wednesdays, have you read American Gods? ;)

pave said...

not yet! must find it...cannot wait! done with fragile things tho. was awesome :D

anansi said...

You neeeeed to read it! :D

pave said...

i do i do :)