Friday, 9 October 2009

he's got a phd in hyperspace

(kinetic typography starwars)

this makes me think about how han solo is secretly a geek.
i mean it comes across like luke is the quiet nerdy one meeting a cowboy in space.
but he's more indiana jones than just any cowboy.
he's knows the physics.

the jump to hyperspace aint like swinging a lightsabre around!


eyefry said...

Very cool.
When you think about it, though, pretty much all the characters in Star Wars could be variations on geek stereotypes. A bit of Lucas in all of them.

Thanks for the blogrolling, btw. I'll to be returning the compliment momentarily :)

pave said...

probably true.. leia was all techsavvy with the hologramming..

btw - coming sat, you up for a halloween party? we're having it early. indira nagar. costume reqd. but u dont have to worry i havent started putting mine together yet.