Wednesday, 14 October 2009

craving corner house

the way i slog my way through lunch these days makes me think - this is how recovering anorexics must feel. the lack of actual hunger. looking at each bite as a milestone (i have probably watched too many anorexia movies (starring christina hendricks and/or susan may pratt) , there was a phase when there were a lot of them on star movies...). but this is not me at breakfast/dinner. or the weekend. (on vacation!) its all food. all the time. no guilt. it's possibly the setting. eating at work. or just that im not a lunch person. never cared too much for it in school either. not a lunch person on week(work)days. unemployment leads to eating.

also i have quite a fetish for MILKMADE ice cream's photostream.

in other food related news: methinks we are making diwali sweets today. or rather sudha aunty plans to make them and if we get home in time we might help out :) funfun.

im v non anorexic ok? just pondering.

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rachellle said...

I know what you mean. I'm not a breakfast person.