Thursday, 29 October 2009

You really think I never kissed a guy before?

^thus spake chuck.
done listening to the these f**king teenagers podcast. and felt some gossip girl love. so here's some eye candy. except for nate and dan. they're not. but big improvement of the season - they've found a way to make both dan and nate less dull - a seth/ryan #theOC style bromance. it's nowhere near as good as that but it's better. and i like nate more knowing that he watches dodgy kinky vampiric king arthur movies. hee. #merthurdejavu ...also how cute is chuck? but i agree, old chuck hair is so much better than new chuck hair. too short. casual blair is a good look. but its rare. ps. mismatch shoes ftw!


rachellle said...

what what what? are you saying that if i watch this season of gg i'll be able to watch the nate & dan parts without wanting to kill them both?! the world has gone topsy-turvy!

pave said...

weeeelll...if you see them when theyre not together they're still pretty painful. but together. its mildly funny XD

susie r said...

I always love me some Chuck Bass. But yeah, Nate and Dan, they are so bland. In fact, I cannot even imagine mustering up enough energy to want to kill them. Bland. A bromance sounds promising, though.