Friday, 30 October 2009


will update as more people respond. and add graphs and shit.


  • gay hottie in the making
  • yeah hot, sexy ugly
  • Funny-looking, in a cute way (Jakob disagrees, he says hot, btw).
  • Hot guys who smoke instantly attain super-hotness.
  • errr NOT hot from any angle more like who is this baby who smokes?
  • Hot
  • Oh, yes!
  • not
  • Hot. Or Hot-ish. Would that work?
  • hot
pick your lazy afternoon song
  • Lemon Tree
  • magic marker - monsters of folk
  • In the Aeroplane over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel <3
  • That’s so hard. Current one would be Heart of Gold-Neil Young
  • sunny afternoon - the kinks
  • Banana pancakes-Jack Johnson
  • ironically Sunday Morning- Maroon 5
  • parklife - blur
  • The postal service, or various movie soundtracks. Movie soundtracks are the best things ever – like a box of chocolates! :)
  • Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan
you want to believe?
  • in what? X files, then no.
  • yes i do
  • I want to believe in magic forests. And that Jimi Hendrix, Joe Strummer and Douglas Adams aren't really dead. And that I can learn Arabic.
  • In vampires and aliens…not to mention a creature that looks like a dolphin with a magical unicorn-horn that can fly and swim and is super-intelligent. I want it as a pet.
  • no i dont try too hard. with passion comes belief. i am corny
  • Santa Claus! Christmas is coming!! Lol!
  • in pretty, pink people
  • yes
  • That there's magic in the world. And unicorns. And elves. :p
  • Life is short.

what's more appealing?
a. lazy lunches
b. lollipops
c. retirement
d. natalie portman
e. unicorns
  • unicorns
  • unicorns/lazy lunches/lollipops/retirement/natalie portman (the only appealing natalie portman is 12-year-old-Leon-Natalie)
  • retirement, unicorns (sorry I cant pick between the two)
  • lazy lunches.. anything wit food in it. throw some beer in?
  • retirement!!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!
  • lazy lunches
  • unicorns
  • I’m torn between lazy lunches and unicorns, but I’ll have to go with Unicorns. They’re so cool!
  • unicorns

which of the following would you not share?
a. soap
b. brad pitt
c. lollipops
d. comb
e. combover
  • comb and combover
  • uhh, how can you share a combover? anyway, lollipops/soap/comb/brad pitt (idgaf about brad pitt tbh :p)
  • lollipops.. cmon thats like makin out? :|
  • soap
  • lollipops- atleast not with just 'anyone'!
  • comb
  • soap/brad pitt – fuck yeah!
  • lollipops

also google ftw! google docs makes awesome charts.
shout out to sunil for reminding me of this fact.

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