Monday, 22 November 2010


yesterday at lunch i had this conversation with a friend where she was all: i started watching the social network but it was really sexist..and i stopped. and i tried to guess which bit she meant but guessed totally wrong. i would never have connected what she said to 'facemash' at all. ok so some dudes rated females against each other...big deal...people do it all the life. so yeah, i was all: ohh that's what you were talking do realise i've mentally rated all the people in this restaurant right?

everyone does it. and the only people who might pretend this isnt true are attractive people. it's easier to see it when you're one of the weird people (these girls on the bus, sitting behind me were having a conversation today about how this girl they know is really nice...but they couldnt think of a boy for her because all the guys they know think she's - weird. im guessing she's not drop dead gorgeous - more like 4 or 5. the girls behind me on the other hand. easily 6s or 7s)

might as well be honest about it. it hurts less that way. i notice the way you look. you notice the way i look. i'm over it. except dude on the train serving soup might've called me: sir. hopefully that was a slip of the tongue... if not, he probably thought these were moobs. o0

also while im on the subject, pinkerton is my favourite weezer album.


rchlll said...

so... did she think the whole film was sexist just because one/some of the characters were?

lol, i have a hard time thinking anyone would mistake you for a man. dude on the train was probably just absent-minded.

pave said...

hee i think she just stopped watching it there! this bit happens pretty early in the movie.

danke! yeah probably.

rchlll said...

weeell, i read a synopsis of the film and it said that at the end of the film mark zuckerberg sits around and hopes that his girlfriend, who has left him, will come back. seems like a punishment from the person who wrote the script, no?

pave said...

yeah the movie's all: he's got money and power but no friends and no gf. but in reality she's a fictional character. fictionalised things are weird... these days every time i watch a biopic i keep thinking of how actually most of this did not happen.