Wednesday, 3 December 2008


sunday was a day of extreme gloom and i might have scared my friends a little...but that was just pms. and now am applying to more places for jobs. with the slow internet i have found. my laptop died. which caused me to mourn much. no music. that was the worst part. and just when i wanted to loop 'welcome to the dollhouse' and 'le beau charcutier' (kotki dwa) i highly recommend the bad french accents and strange lyrics :) today i was on a quest to find wifi and coffee...i found coffee but no wifi and then found wifi but it was in this hotel which hifi security and airport style full body scans and i got a bit paranoid and hi tailed it out o there..
mm probly meeting dee later today and going to her plc, mebbe staying over. i dunno yet.


thoroughbred of sin said...

No music? :(

thesilentq said...

then i realised i could play cds on the dvd player so did that for a bit...regained some sanity with cassadaga and yoshimi :D