Thursday, 18 December 2008

life update #whateveritis

i'm back! i'm better! i'm super-pave! really...but im getting by. i have the internets again. at home. yes! i feel saner. still waiting to hear about job things. calling another person today to maybe see if i can go for an interview tomorrow. and i shud be getting another contact from divya... what can i say. if nothing works. it's back to the ol' wonderflonium and poison in the water main plan.

i get a lot of phone calls from concerned relatives. i saw an email from my grandfather enquiring bout the job hunt. dont think i can deal with replying to that yet.

the painters came and gave the plank of wood that is the ceiling of my bathroom a coat of paint. they are meant to come back sometime now and give it another coat...but i doubt that they will anytime soon. maybe they'll come tomorrow.

now my plan is (after making that phone call) - try and watch many episodes of house and dirty sexy money...will take a while to load...but i have youtube to keep me entertained while i wait :D


Slippery Reflections said...

DON'T watch house without me! saturday or sunday we shall do.

thesilentq said...