Tuesday, 30 December 2008


suddenly in the mood to write a new year post...or an end of year post. the question is: have i changed since last new year? (which honestly was sucky as things always go wrong on new yrs...i dont think iv had a really good new yr in like ever...the over hyping and planning and blahdiblah get in the way, its like the expectation of new year can never be fulfilled) anyway this year iv tried not to plan and theres a good feeling in the air. apart from the fact that pli wont be here :( but i will see her on fri and do a repeat new year/postponed christmas gift exchange thing :D prolong the holiday season a tad.


sitting here watching vids on my youtube favourites list. watching john mayer singing comfortable (live version) i am such a sucker for that song. and have been for a bunch of years now and will be for the forseeable future. i have a good favourites list. all things i do rewatch periodically wonly (a bit of fry and laurie, darcy in the lake in lost in austen...) or excessively cool things (eg; easy/lucky/free vid, nph and marshall singing confrontation, david tennant on the catherine tate show...)

im still me. possibly a me who enjoys quoting things at ppl more. and a more living for the moment me...or i could be deluded and i always was this way, but just didnt notice it. that sounds more likely really.


i hate john mayer and his baking blogs and for making me want to bake when i obviously cannot without an oven :( cooker cake anyone? i could try it...but ill probly feel lazy tom and need to pretty self up for new yr :) i plan to wear my lil black french chick type dress.
ok fine. i actually love john mayer to bits.

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Slippery Reflections said...

i'm leaving office at 3. come off home ok? much preparation to do. i think all will be fine with preparation otherwise we'r screwed!