Monday, 22 December 2008

mmm pie!

im watching firefly (safe) in proxy for tons of comfort food. which i need because i hate it when little things go wrong. par exemple my cell phone not working at the mo. got this shady text from airtel saying that my calls will be barred today for they cannot verify my address... mehh. i has the biggest craving for tons of pie/flan/cheesecake/brownies/cake/cookies/benandjerrys/any ol dessert was probably a mistake to stare too long at john mayer's blog which is simply choc full of photas of christmas related cake things. which inspired me to find a new firefox theme. it's all snow and candy canes now. shiny.
want to bake something for christmas...will plan something with dee...maybe cookies. all decorated and extra sweet...they could be normal round choc cookies but deco-ed to look like tree ornaments. melted chocolate frosting. with candies stuck on. or they cud look like lush puds.

also i dream of the pie maker. mmm :)

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