Tuesday, 23 December 2008

gorram airtel 垃圾・垃圾! 牛糞・牛粪!

where to start when describing this true suckfest of a day. woke up and knew i had to get to the airtel office fast as the freaks decided to bar my calls just on the days when ppl are meant to get in touch we me about jobs and the like. so i go to the closest office and basically lost it there. was all boohoo and alarmed them much. but that was beacause i was thinking of all the many things that are stressing my brain at the mo. so hence it was like right overreaction much? it's just your phone...anyway they said go to the head office which thankfully was a short walk away. take passport copy. resubmit documents. so i go home. get the copy. walk to the second office. take a number '315' waiting..waiting. then this man comes over and i all what are you here for. i exp. he's all u need to resubmit because u havent filled in one form thats probly why...but u need to resubmit passsport photo too. i was all pissed off and 'cant u just rip it off the old form?' he was all 'no'. so went back home. got the photos. came back. took a number '329' waited..got to the counter. produce my documents and she's all but you need proof of local address...and im all (pissed off) and all 'you should have asked me for it in the first plc, look when i was getting the sim, i wasnt reequired to produce anything so asking for it now is just unfair!' and she was all....erm...oh yeah there's the form. FUCKERS! pfft. right. dont give it to me in the first plc. make it so that i cant call ppl and that ppl cant call me. never mind if i dont get a fucking job. then almost forget to tell me about the form again and try to make it seem like i have to go get some address proof from somewhere...finally the form was just me giving them my cousins no and add (which is where i stay too!) and theyre going to call her and ask her if she knows me...right....like duh im going to give you the no of someone whos going to say that. proof. yay. awesomesauce.

basically i was being bitchy and aiming to mess up everyones day.
before all this, or somewhere in the middle (one o those times when i got home) i sent the job ppl an email saying my phones barred, so if u tried to call...here's the landline blahblah. and they sent email saying send us ur cv and photo for to send the delhi office. so im taking that as a positive sign. the other plc sent me a mail quoting an excessively low salary. meh. so iv replied saying i need to think bout it.

then...i had a chocolate mousse for lunch. in a desperate attempt to cheer self. but felt a bit sick at the end of it.
im recouping at home with lots of water and now im thinking about looping that vid of nph and how i met your mother guy singing confrontation.


rachellle said...

Poor Pave. :(

thesilentq said...

i felt like dr horrible.
it works on so many levels.
...like with pie. ;)