Tuesday, 16 March 2010

"It's over/You don't need to tell me"

alex james - then and now, they totally all look like their julian opie selves

watched 'no distance left to run' on iplayer. a blur documentary. it's the realest thing iv watched in a while. its a very pretty documentary that feels like what id remember of my life now...if i had a good memory. theres one clip somewhere in the middle of them backstage after a gig...and its so ...you can see how close they are. its obvious. and then to think that that just went away until this reunion is scary. how that can happen to people. not went away. you still feel the same way about someone. you just dont see them all the time. and thats a lot to miss out on... it was quite a sentimental documentary really. or i just got really sentimental over it :)

this is when this girl said "we're not laughing at you, we're laughing with you"
he's not laughing.

my dad used to talk about how you know some people for a while and some people for another length of time..and thats just how it is with friends (you take it as it is, when you have it), and i always thought it was funny that he was the one saying that - being the person i knew with the most friends..

ps. no distance left to run - the song, has the best video.


Divya said...

the opie prints i had put up above doors in my room, i ripped. most of the collages on that wall i ripped and the old shilp's docu kite also met with the same end. i feel to destroy everything i have until this point and start afresh. let's see. at least you be there to stop me i start ripping important things :D

pave said...

sounds like youve started ripping already...hehe do i have time to stop you? anyhoo i feel you must force me to rip things that i take down from my walls. otherwise i shall keep everything. and piled on top of all the stuff im already hoarding... twud be madness! miss you much. :*
going to york today *fingerscrossed*

Anonymous said...

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