Wednesday, 3 March 2010


here i am doing my usual thing, reading overthought articles on overthinkingit while listening to a playlist composed of nick cave, my chemical romance and other miscellany. ok the my chemical romance is not usual. but it matches with what im reading.

now that iv set the scene...

went to the lib yesterday and found the 3 remaining books in the tillerman series (book4-the runner, book6-sons from afar, book7-seventeen against the dealer) that i hadnt read! got super gleed. read 2 yesterday and the final one today. that's 7 books about essentially the same people. separately and together. who each person is and hence how they relate to each other. its about watching and knowing how someones going to react and being the you that you are around them. because thats what family is about. knowing what to say, to who, and how to say it. how to give a gift so they'll accept.

thats what's wrong with chat/phone/skype conversations. you miss all the cues. the expression that tells you that theyre joking or saracastic, or sorry about what they just said and wish they could un-say it, in a bad mood blahblah. i guess skypes not that bad. you still get to hear tones. but not being there in person to deal with the tone is not fun.

not saying i dont like chatting. sometimes its about all i can stand when im feeling antisocial. but without proper smileys and things its easy to misread things. and you could never realise it. just saying.