Friday, 12 March 2010

the queen's corgis

i seem to be haunting travelling man everytime im in leeds now. love the atmosphere. then jumped over to juice junction and had a hot juice (apple+lime+ginger) most perfect for the weather. started off not too cold. then got rainy. and cold. anyhoo thats where the funniest conversation ever was overheard by me. also sort of philosophical.

irish man: there arent any posh irish people. are there posh english people?
boi behind the counter: yeah...
IM: how do you know? have you seen them? are you posh?
BBTC: working class mate.
IM: everyone's someone's working class. the queen's the only real posh one. (ramble ramble) she's got corgis. (ramble) irish corgis are different...

i lost track..or it dissolved into gibberish. there was something about corgis i didnt quite get.


rchlll said...

was that irishman drunk or just strange? XD i love it when you overhear weird/funny conversations.

i miss leeds & i miss youuuuu!

pave said...

just strange i think :) miss you too! hows lund treating you? xxoxx

rchlll said...

lol. awesome.
lund is good. i have to study like a freak this month (which i'm not doing, duh), but other than that i have no complaints! how's l'angleterre?

pave said...

hee :)
l'angleterre is alright. its getting brighter and hotter in tiny increments. and me and the mater are probably going to york today if all goes to plan. should be good :) wil report anything i overhear captain!