Saturday, 27 March 2010

Oh child... you always knock me for a loop!

this blog is pretty much the saga of how i go to travelling man and use it as a pick me up. an upper. its scary how much my mood improves when i step into that place. todays overhearings involved communism and how the comic book guy went to starbucks and someone called him a capitalist. and then he was all: imagine a communist coffee shop, it'd be crap. you'd get water and one coffee bean (general laughter) ...and then they moved onto sentence construction and how 'down with capitalism' as opposed to 'im down with capitalism' is a huge change in meaning #profound. too many new comics i wanted this week, got: daytripper #1, uncanny x men #33 (written by matt fraction) and the guild #1. also an issue of fetishman for my cousin.

daytripper is seriously the best comic i have ever read.

followed that up with coffee and 'kick-ass' (the movie) avec le mater. i dug it. she didnt so much. my heart was beating hard for most of the movie. the trailer doesnt do it justice. it makes me start planning this years halloween costume already (yes i know october is far far away) far my options are: hit girl or the other mother.

also i admire the way aaron johnson says the words 'i'm KICK-ass'

also soundtrack - so good. it's like bad reputation was made for this movie.

ps. weird but cool thing. i was watching the scott pilgrim trailer in the morn. and they were youtubing it at travelling man. coincidence!


rchlll said...

arrghh, i NEED to watch kick-ass, but i don't think it's in cinemas here yet (boo, schweden). i think my brother has the comic though, so i might borrow it from him in the meantime.

pave said...

it isnt officially in cinemas here yet either... was on preview for 3 days and i took advantage! let me know how the comic is... iv been buying too many off late. need a bit of a break :D