Sunday, 7 March 2010


this is the story of saturday. got to leeds, picked up our tickets for 'the history boys' then th'mater went to pick up her phone from carphone warehouse while i went to travelling man in search of the new green hornet written by kevin smith. it stupidly (or very awesomely) has multiple variant covers. while i was deciding which to get... the fire alarm went off :D all the shops on the road have connected alarms or it was a bunch of people outside the shop.. looking horrified at the thought of not being able to go back in... we got back in like 3 mins later and one lady was all-omg that felt like quarter of an hour at least. like the sheer relief at getting back in (into heaven :D) was just kickass. this is the cover i chose. and i also one buffy season 8. totally reading it out of order, which sucks. but the (twilight) reveal was awesome! so glad i didnt get spoilered about it.
ps. comic book man asked if i wanted sleeves for them :) and usually i only get sleeves on the back issues. never thought of asking for sleeves. so i was super over the moon about it. new comics all covered in new plastic sleeves :) shiny.

so yeah the play (hee its weird that im so much more gleed to rem the comic book store fire alarm incident!) ...iv probably seen the movie way too many times. it was a bit of a problem. cant help but compare. but the play was structured quite differently. inner monologues/asides...couple of flash forwards. lockwood doesnt die or become a soldier. the set was cool. the stage spun during classroom scenes :) the desks and things were in this circle and that would spin. the upright piano stayed outside the circle in its corner.. i was really impressed when th'boy playing posner effortlessly jumped onto it and sat on top. upright piano's are tall. high off the ground. i can barely jump onto a kitchen counter. and he wasnt that tall either.
if twas me directing. one complaint: the actors were styled to look exactly like the original cast (except daikin/scripps) irwin had light hair combed the same way and all. i know he has to have glasses for the script "Taking off my glasses is the last thing i do." the same hair? not required. overall it was good tho.


Divya said...

rotating set? obviously wasn't minimalist. you think they could've pulled of a no-set set?

pave said...

i dont think the set of the original production was as complex... was basic stage, furniture and like a collaged screen behind it.
but its not a v minimalist play. you need the desks and piano and things for sure. the spinning wasnt required :D but since we had seats not in the centre, it did help with viewing..