Sunday, 1 April 2007

once upon a tulasi

yes it's me back again. got a section of the lit review edited and done. hoping to get the rest done tonight. in fact am determined to make it happen. the motivation is back. just had a long convi with parental units. thinking bout becoming an auntiji again. planning the fun evil aunty things i can do. need to dig up amar chitra kathas to tell stories frm...and my happy books like mamani and mary alice operator #9 and the animal stories book which i no longer have but i rem the stories...theres the guy who fell in love with the white cat...and dudley the dromedary, and zeeby..and the owl and the cherries...and cat down the drainpipe...and snowy the seagull...and herbert the lonely hedgehog..and naughty sophie...and all those bootiful tales...and roald dahl..and the 3 lil pigs...and green eggs and ham! goodies...much to look fwd to. a lil nephew. [not twin neices like the dream prophesied] ...also man u - blackburn -4 nil. goodies! ...

...guess i should get to the story of tulasi then eh? or tulsi. which might be a better spelling. anyway...jalandhar 'according to legend, was born out of the sweat which Shiva had thrown from his brow into the ocean when he perspired at being insulted by Lord Indra' this be one version of his birth! other involved lightning coming frm shiva's 3rd eye. so awesome a way to be born! hindu births r bootiful ;P rem the king and the mango and the 2 wives...anyway back to vrinda. jalandhar was her spouse. and shiva had to kill him, but couldnt while vrinda was faithful to him. so vishnu pretended to be jalandhar and shse embraced him. so shiva then killed jalandhar. n she was pissed off so cursed vishnu and then she was consumed by flames and frm her ash grew the tulasi. there are many many slightly diff versions. but all of em involved buffy style spontaneous human combustion or her jumpin into a pit of flames or something...anyway i think its a kewl story. all mythology is pretty kewl really. the hindu stuff...the greek stuff...all full drama...and jealously...and plotting...and death...and doom and destruction and chaos...and mess. and mess is interesting.

just wait lil nephew...i am going to educate u in so many lil ways...i could be obi wan. i could be a character out of almost famous, all boho and many possibilities... :)

and now back to work.

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