Tuesday, 10 April 2007


watched a lot of greys anatomy season 2. also played around with a whole bunch or variations on the logo design. got a meeting at 10 tomm. got to get my ass to bed now.

havent written in a while so heres an unpdate. easter with the parents.
went to some random english village/smal town. dunno where exactly.
meant to go to whitby but never got there, too much traffic.
finished watching marnie. i shtil like the movie i say.
watched half of wilde. stephen fry is the awesome. jude law can act. i know that. i always knew that and this movie is the perfect example. all you dimwits out there who disagree, watch wilde! then talk. then watched the namesake at cineworld with mame. good movie. good acting. i like the kal penn modi boi. i even like him as taj mahal whatever frm banglapur. lol. sunday: watched f1, alonso won. good good. lewis hamilton's pater does not look old enuf to be his daddie. they look a bit exactly the same in fact. the only thing more scary is dhani harrison. saw concert for george. am more n more in love with clapton and mccartney now. esp clapton. clapton is the mucho awesome. and dhani is the cloney it is shit scary. its the whole colin hanks thing. and the case of siddharth and rajan maama.

mmm...got to finish watching wilde and watch spring, summer, autumn, winter...and spring by wed. got to return em then. got to take the living pictures book with me to meeting tomm.

fingerscrossed. i quite like my ideas. but will she?
mm...dunno. to sleep. to dream. to wake anew. different. myself.

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