Wednesday, 4 April 2007


was the bootiful. david wenham! :D happy me. i get the whole omg gerard butler thing as well now. cause he is indeed the amazing. i dont get the ppl who write reviews going on bout how its inaccurate/racist/homoerotic/blah blah. its a movie. and a good one. the end. going on bout lack of character development n things is also mental. cause iv seen a lot of bad movies with plenty of char development which did absolutely nothing for the movie. nada. my faramir lowe continues. hyper diff char i say...been thinking back to all the stuf that was written bout faramir. the whole cool drink of water thing.
the beginning bit was the amazing. with the training of the boy and the wolf. and its eyss. and the skulls. and ohh i lowe the madness? this is sparta! *kick* bit. lol. all good. dont need all of the movies i watch to be cerebral. ishtyle dialogue can do it for me too. and good dismemberment done well. lowely. its like i can love y tu mama tambien and before sunrise/sunset and 300 and reservoir dogs and clueless and everything is illuminated and the chipmunk adventure. i have no conflict in my soul or anything. they r all bootiful.

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