Tuesday, 3 April 2007


first time watching the vid. god how i loved that song. loved. love.
theres a lot of focus shifting. the vid is simple. just them doing their thing.
but it works. it goes with the intensity of the song. he looks into the camera.
his face goes in and out of focus. juxtaposed on a mish of images. plants. rain.
warm subtle dim lighting. it rains on him. song seems shorter than i rem.
lovely last line. see your blue eyed problem. wow. he looks like christian bale at times. its the smile. mmm. lissening to 'poor misguided fool' now. its weird how the killers sound more actively brit than starsailor. but now that i kno that they r vegas bois o course thats changed things. stil lowe em both. starsailor man is sounding more bale like as well. american psycho bale. patrick bateman.
lots of starsailor songs i havent hrd on youtube i say.
good lyrics. i wont let it kill me this time.i wont let it kill me this time.
to the surface, came a feeling. left me useless. left me reeling.

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