Tuesday, 3 April 2007

the wait

am basically sitting bout waiting for the time when i meet the ppls and go for the movie. cannot wait. it is going to be the amazing. even more amazing now that i kno that david wenham AND rodrigo santoro r in! SANTORO! just watched the trailer again and visited the website..aaah...god am going to lowe it...think the last movie i saw in the theatre was babel or guru...one of the two...long time. :D so hyper i am..feel v jumpy and hobbes like. la la la la! wish i cud speak in an alvin and chipmunks style voice..all helium invfluenced like. got a letter frm design reception from the james joyce reading group. all handwritten. telling me bout the next meeting. with a pic of odysseus [is that how its spelt?] tied to the mast. appropriate. sirens. :) i love my reading secret society type group. lowe it. lowe it.

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