Thursday, 21 February 2008

arctic monkeys and duck!

loved it loved it! after the grammys which i was weirdly disinterested in [other than alicia et mayer...but there wasnt enuf of him in it!! more mayer...more mayer+alicia! more chilluns! not that there are any now ;) *hinting madly*] ...the BRIT awards were mooost looverly...think mebbe cause of the pre awards madness on radio one: the joss stone lottery...did she turn up this year? was she sporting a funny accent?...macca and ozzy stroking edith's tum/baaba bump *aww*...

...anyhoo arctic monkeys! they won 2 awards or something! so genius...they were randomly dressed in some hunterly outfits of yesteryear...complete with wooden duck...and the only thing i remember frm their thankyous is: we are the arctic monkeys! LOVE! how awesome is that?

the whole thing was like a really good dinner party with the booze flowing where everyone knows everyone... like just a nice drunken buzz haze thing... lol the klaxons went on drunk [avec rhianna...all in eqyptian gear for some reason...] more random info frm radio 1.

i know i had more to say! just it was really bootiful...and omg mark ronson is such a littal boi! he said just the best line after winning best brit male or something: iv never felt more british or male :D my sort of awards that! so happy! and the osbournes are the cutest!! jack osbourne has a niiice that how u shpell it?

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