Tuesday, 19 February 2008

i'v got my new shades on...

bot maself some happy red framed shades frm primark today...finally a replacement after the sad loss of my booti purble shades...these make me feel all amelie [the bit where she's all: m'sieur quincampoix...follow the arrows bleu... head scarf!]

this weekend was sort of like watching a parade of hot bois in movies...they were very good movies :D but mostly everyone in them was completely hot...

  1. FRIDAY north and south [4hr bbc miniseries] - Richard Armitage, smoulders away and has the best best voice...all deep and just booti...and also has moments when u just want to cuddle him...best bit was like last 5 mins of the last episode...where he holds her hand! thats it...so hot! [then they kiss...but the hand holding was hotter!] ...also the plot of north and south is pride and prejudice meets billy elliot..period drama...but mr thornton [darcy replacement :D] is a cotton mill owner...and the workers strike...
  2. the history boys - hmm...many cute bois...some sample dialogue: Posner: But he doesn't understand, Irwin *does* like him. He seldom looks at anyone else.
    Scripps: How do you know?
    Posner: Because nor do I. Our eyes meet looking at Dakin.
  3. jeux d'enfants - starring the divine Guillaume Canet et Marion Cotillard...<3
  4. Macbeth [bbc, shakespeare retold] - James McAvoy and Richard Armitage - heaven! bloody movie tho...and blood doesnt usually disturb me...and i was dis-turrrbed...
  5. Midsummer Night's Dream - William Ash as James Demetrius
  6. SATURDAY taming of the shrew - Rufus Sewell - sexy ugly!
  7. cranford [nother bbc series, 6 episodes methinks..took us most of day to watch :D]
  8. les choristes <3
  9. scrubs [couple o epis]
  10. end of the man u - arsenal match! walk over! so happy me! we won 4 nil. how fucking amazing is that??!
  11. some flight of the conchords songs on you tube - my favourites are: hiphoppopotamus, she's hot like a curry...the french one!
  12. SUNDAY india-aus ODI... grr hate ponting.
  13. the dreamers....bootiful.
  14. science of sleep!

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