Friday, 22 February 2008

Spontaneous Human Combustion, Samphire and...

...Calvin HarriS!

was in the bathroom when had a thought overflow which needed to be put down in blog form. because i have become v blog obsessed all of a sudden. probly cause im getting back into writing. have an idea for a childrens story as well as the first draft written for a short story...finally! so it's not the country after all...had this theory for a while that i could only write in madras. which makes sense in a way...cause i look around and get loads of not so much...but im back!SHC aka. Spontaneous Human Combustion was something id never considered until Buffy [proof that tv is educational!]...and its something which has been at the back of my mind...and recently i watched a teeny bit of some show on tv [along the lines of brainiac..but not...more a docu than a show] there was this bloke and he had on many diff clothing items, like rubber gloves and some shiny boiler suit thing...and he did this vigorous omg ants are attacking me body thing...and created statics and electricity and then tried to recreate an actual SHC incident...basically the static alone cudnt cause SHC but then he sprayed a shirt with hair spray and then used a metal rod to transfer the charge frm his body to the shirt...and it caught fire! so kewl [the physics not the death]! [she had sprayed her hair with spray before she combusted or something...]

Samphire - a new veggie! and by new i mean i only heard bout it on masterchef recently...i love masterchef! best judges ever! so cute! anyhoo tis a veg that the contestants tend to make beds of..for to place some fishes on dishes that i probly wudnt eat cause they'd taste fishy..i fully only [mostly] like fishes cooked indian style...chilli powder and more chilli powder! [been having weird cravings today, now i want dosa and fish curry...before was drooling at the thought of cakes 'n' bakes's this really home made sort of pizza....v anti dominoes! even the cheese has this specific cakes 'n' bakes flavour...]

Calvin Harris' 'the girls' is not sexist! was having a convi with a friend bout how i dont usually like techno like songs [acc to this article its electro!] but loove calvin harris songs...when she was all erm think he's a bit now i am going to ask you to consider the lyrics as well as the video...also look at his face! now i must quote 'knocked up'...theres this bit where the main dude looks at paul rudd's face and is all how can you argue with this face? you just want to grab it and kiss it...[paraphrasing]

  1. the face!
  2. okies so he says in the lyrics that he likes all sorts of girls which is happy in the non judgemental he's not only after hot model types...
  3. and plus the song is like a warning that theres a possibility of him messing around with other girls...which makes him honest...n not a hypocritical shtud boi...
  4. just watch the video!
  5. google defines sexist thus. so basically its to do with discrimination...and the song is pritty much anti-discrimation ;P
  6. plus there are songs like promiscuous girl around...and that daft avril lavigne thing: hey hey you you i dont like ur girlfriend...*gags*

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