Monday, 4 February 2008

the 'object' of my affection

i am one of those people who names anything with a face...or even other faceless objects with which one has a relationship. lol now i sound like jeeves. may one be of service, sir? or is that less jeeves more annoying robin-williams-bot *shudder* continue: this blog post is about my lappie whose name is Rob. for he is a biggish laptop, muscled. and rob seemed like a manly weight lifting sort of name. rob - also the name of the bloke in high he a manly man? he is a music man...someone who makes oodles of mistakes, but who you cant help loving anyway. do i feel like that about rob? he is being slow. probably as a result of too many photos and files n things on...maybe he's in need of a defragment...anyhooo iv been calling him a patti quite a bit. and he can take a bit of yelling. and he'll fine after a tidy up. mm...other things i have recently named include: a turtle shaped candle holder [turtle bumtrinket]..hmm that seems to be about it really...not so recently..i have a wok named mr miyagi the fourth [cause the first 3 live in the karate kid movies]...

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