Saturday, 2 February 2008


there's this absolute crap music on the radio now. floorfiller. well not for me it isnt. my floor gets filled when i play something more along the lines of the feeling or generator - the holloways, bangles, hip hop hard 2...omg i heard the worst thing the other day: a techno version of tiny dancer! is nothing sacred anymore? sacrilegious! it was like 2 lines frm the song, looped with this random beat behind it. that is so not cool. unrad. grotty! comes more...must switch radio off..
...ahh now this is more like it :D iv got joanna newsom on now...[three little babes] which reminds me of regina and oedipus which leads me back to the secret history, which i seem to never get out of my system...saw it again on a shelf in the local library...
if i could choose a book to live in...i might choose that one for the sake of temporary sanctuary in the periods of bliss at the country choose the beach without all the killing and drug lord types...but the safest book to choose, no changes needed wud defo be an equal music. yeah id pick that one. cause the ending leaves room to hope in. and what do you copy is missing. a small part of me is heartbroken and will be until it is safely in my hands again. my very own copy. where o where has my little book gone? does anyone know?

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Divya said...

Haven't you found the book yet? Shite! Anyway, Equal Music is a little depressing no? Living whole life in it by choice is a bit sad... Isn't "A Suitable Boy" better to live in? I mean it's a nice India in that, livable and lovable.