Tuesday, 4 November 2008

that which is up with me

just a general update...
going home soon. wil be travelling for 3 days (technically)
21st nov - manchester to heathrow
22nd morn heathrow to chennai/madras/home
reach madras 1 am indian std time on sun the 23rd.
bot return ticket for feb as its stupidly (MUCH) cheaper than a one way...

  • going home
  • staying with the fun uncle
  • wont have to be in depressing empty house
  • shud have a job soon if all goes to plan...
  • wil be all alone in the city for the first time..not staying at home home.
  • things r still uncertainish
  • will miss people
  • havent done my christmas shopping yet. the clock is ticking.

more misc shtuf

  • watched all the episodes of firefly i hadnt seen already...ok so the continuity in my head is a tad messed up. but mostly makes sense. want more epis :( stupid stupid fox fools..first wonderfalls now this?! brainlessness much?
  • watched memento! omg mindblowing! no words.
  • while eavedropping on the way to olvias on sat overheard some ppl singing the mother 'uckers song from flight of the conchords! much glee!


river tam said...


(*sob sob* don't go home)

thesilentq said...

:( who will i quote to/with...no one will get my singing of arbid things...i will be like local insane person. but i have to!