Wednesday, 19 November 2008


i seem to be having packing almost done with one bag, but the other is completely empty. things i cant pack til the last min: bath stuff, laptop, wacom...(its like i have a packing mental block...have all the things laid out but cant put em in yet..)

anyhoo i must report on something magical that has taken place. i had these purple flowers in a bottle in my room and they lasted a really long time (months) and then today finally they looked a bit weedy so decided to get rid of em..and then i noticed the roots at the bottom :D now its a baby plant mutation thing and iv refilled the water and left it to live long and prosper hopefully.

other things iv done today: cleaned up window and stored away all the windowsill stuff, chucked (composted) many old bills, photographed then chucked (recycled) my innocent smoothie of the month bottle collection :(
transferred the audio recordings from my phone to the comp and listened hard to this weird one and identified sven's voice saying: i like static.
i have absolutely no memory of that convi. weird.

listening to: pete murray


Slippery Reflections said...

you threw away innocent? wtf for? my shampoo is in sad state, i need replacement! hopefully you haven't forgotten.

thesilentq said...

empty bottals wonly. not drinkable innocent. just for trying to be minimalist like :(