Friday, 14 November 2008

"now we have to be married. i'm in the family way."

hideous hideous dream...i was with the parentals in a sort of hillside resort (india/uk hybrid plc) and i found out that i was pregnant (spontaneously pregant...without the sex i mean) and had to tell em...and i wanted to get an abortion obv...but also i was very was in tears for the most part. and then the mater and me went walking thru the countryside at night to these different shady places to find someone to do it. lots of creepy villages and old womens and blah. then i think we found the right place but they told us to come back later...

then dream switched off to something gilmore related.


on a happier note. its possible i had this dream beacause i watched this (waaaaaait for it!):

last night :)


aziraphale said...

You're the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary, omg!

*sings* The angel Gabriel from heaven came,
His wings as drifted snow, his eyes as flame;
'All hail', said he, "thou lowly maiden Pave,
Most highly favour'd lady, Gloria!

'For known a blessed Mother thou shalt be,
All generations laud and honour thee,
Thy son shall be Emmanuel, by seers foretold,
Most highly favour'd lady, Gloria!

Then gentle Pave meekly bowed her head,
'To me be as it pleaseth God', she said,
'My soul shall laud and magnify His holy name,
Most highly favour'd lady, Gloria!

Slippery Reflections said...

hehe how many times i'v had that dream. immaculate pregnancy or the father will be no where in the vicinity (and no one's worried) and i'll be having the baby all by myself. hmmpf!
been having some borderline disturbing dreams, saved all for a sleep over discussion. get here soon!

Slippery Reflections said...

interesting! where's the video from?
hmmm... do you know what i'm thinking pinkay?

thesilentq said...

yeah even iv had one o those absent fellow dreams but then i knew he this one it was all erm how the fuck am i pregant like.
yay sleepover cant wait.
and the vid is from firefly...hehe look at how i make u watch :D also i is thinking you and din now that u bring it up. not when i watched the vid. cause i was laughing at simon and river :D
@rachelle: stop singing!

aziraphale said...


*sings* The-e fi-irst No-oeeel, the-e aaangeeeel did saaaay was to ceeertaaaaiin pooooor sheeepheeeerds iiin fiieeelds aaaas theeey laaaaay
I-in fi-ields a-as they laaay, keeeepiiing theeeir sheeeep,
On a cold winter's ni-ight that wa-as so deeeep.

No-oee-el, No-oee-el, No-oee-el, Nooeeel
Booorn iiis the Ki-ing of I-israeeel.

thesilentq said...

*ignores rachellle*

aziraphale said...

Ding dong merrily on hiiiigh
In heav'n the bells are riiingiiing
Ding dong verily the skyyyy
Is riv'n with angel siiingiiing
Gloooooooooooooooooooooria, hosanna in exceeelsiiis!