Monday, 10 November 2008

prince panda and peter "the magnificent"

just got done watching prince caspian. felt to watch for to see ben barnes. doing a funny accent. anyhoo weird thing. from the first scene with all 4 of em in, i got this sudden flash of a vibe between susan and peter. like a non-brother/sister vibe obv. and after some research and investigation (googling) i find they were indeed an item about 1300 narnia years ago... (wait hmm interesting it wud seem that he denies all...hmm mmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmm...haha funniest interview everrr)...but then i dont rem noticing anything when watching the first one...


no vibe

ps. god! regina at the end. perfection. going to play it once more. then to bed it is for me.
pps. id say glasses boi wins over peter/panda/edmund. lols imdb credits him as "geeky boy" excellent!...more imdbing...haha ben barnes was dakin in the stage play o the history boys. lol. want to see!


prepare to die! said...

Hahaha, his accent was so bad! And whenever he spoke he reminded me of Inigo Montoya.

thesilentq said...

i want to watch princess bride!