Friday, 7 November 2008

Rotters, swatters and shooters

halfway thru 'the rotters' club' by Jonathan Coe...tis reminding me of school. of the large portions of my life that i have shoved into repressed sections of my brain...things that make me blush. moments when i was awkward or dense or did stupid things. i was much dense all the time. the sort of person who zoned out and then said something in the middle of the convi which could be interpreted in horrible, double-meaninged, foot in mouth manner *shudder* but its a good memory anyway. would be much worse to have no memories like that...

why rachellle? why do you have to be the only one who gets arbid quotes? whatever shal i do :(

i woke up from the strangest dream in the and divya were playing badminton in this wide wood panelled corridor (wide for a corridor, narrow for badminton, somehow fireflyish) and i got really good at it...and then i decided to join the local team, but they didnt think i was good enuf (yes it was team badminton with 6/8 ppl to a side)...then we found some rules to show how i cud join divyas team altho it wasnt my local one blah di blah...much dramas and the gilmore girls came into it somehow...and it ended with all of us in this pub where there were pretty serial lights behind the bar and divya was bartender and i asked her to make me a fun cocktail. so she made me this 'shooter' which was in a pint glass and was a pink kool aid like was called corky something shooter...yummy...mostly tasted like strawberry kool aid.


river tam said...

It's not easy being the only Browncoat in the village. I know, gorram it. :p
Cheer up Pave, I'll sing you a song:

Take my looooove, take my laaaaand
Take me where I cannot staaaaand
I don't caaaare, I'm still freeee
You can't take the sky from meeeee

Take me ooouuuut to the blaaaack
Tell them I ain't coming baaack
Burn the land and boil the seeeaaa
You can't take the sky from meeee

*folky violins, na na na na na*

There's no plaaaace I can beeee
Since I found Serenityyyyy
But you can't take the sky from meeee

P.S. Bible's broken! Doesn't make sense.

thesilentq said...

must hide! too much hair!

river tam said...

It's up there, waiting...

Also - I can kill you with my brain.

thesilentq said...

im going to grow a big black mustache. im a traditionalist.