Thursday, 4 November 2010

goodbye betty! *spoiler alert*

No more ugly betty! (technically am not sure that iv watched every single episode) just got done with season 4. anyhoo this is a 5 reasons why i love ugly betty post.

1. their ability to make every new (major) love interest seem absolutely perfect for betty. exhibit a: henry - look they match! exhibit b: gio: freddy is hawt. and funny and all things awesome. exhibit c: matt: so cute. how? how? how? (they're equally adept at turning cute people into psychos *coughmattcough* first the stupid haircut. then just plain stupid.) *spoiler alert* she doesnt end up with any of them... :D

2. ralph macchio. daniel san!

3. *SPOILER ALERT* you have been warned.

(and for those who may feel to stare at - a much bigger version - of this and *sigh*, click here)

4. knowing daniel used to be him:

5. amanda! and marc+justin.

and of course (so obvious that i forgot!) Vanessa Williams!

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