Wednesday, 10 November 2010

some free verse. it's all i seem to be able to write now *shrug*

At a party. They got on. They got on and on and
Yes the conversation was good. One didn't
Feel like one was doing talking too much. The jokes
Fast and loose. Wouldn't have been funny to one
Outside. But they were in the loop. The closed string.
All well. Unified theory of everything. A pause.
She looked around. Everyone was happy. Right.
Good. Sorted. He looked at his drink. He'd barely
Touched it. Didn't need it. That was new. He took
A sip. A deep breath. Felt his age. Young. Maybe he
Should be more cynical. Thought: There's loads of
Innocence right here. Concentrated. In this place.
No one knows what they're doing. Lost in a fug
Of personal space. Shared space. Stumbling over
Introductions. Meeting people one'd rather not
Run into. Unnoticed by the unforgettable. Another
Summer. An endless string of empty days.

1 comment:

rchlll said...

i like, i like. it feels like one of those moments when a million thoughts that you don't really notice run through your mind.

so you have writin skillz and music skillz. ;)