Tuesday, 16 November 2010

friend - within inverted commas

went to the gym after ages. au revoir simone is surprisingly good to work out to. and on the way back home the radio produced deeelights :)

"are you telling me that im mature enough to get married but not to party?"

"how old are you?"

"im 28 now. and i drink but i know when to stop because ive got to drive home"

"so you drink and drive!" _chennai live 104.8

"there iis a difference between learn-ED and learn-ING"

"i am having experience in the academic field for all my life of 40 years…i know the psychology very well. and often i am getting guest lecturers to come and lecture for periods of time like 30…40…35 minutes whatever. and they are all very impressed with how my boys are interested in the lecture. but they don't know that there is a rehearsal. i tell my boys: because you love ME..you love the college, for the first 10 minutes of the lecture you listen. and after that what? after that if it is interesting keep on listening. otherwise we all have TVs yes? we watch the serials…so you keep looking at his face and think about yesterday's serial. YES SIR. but then some boys they say sir we don't have TV/radio/books.. and i say boys you are from the villages..there was that pretty neighbor girl? YES SIR. you think about her face…your girlfriend. and then some boys say sir we are not like that. we don't have love affairs. then i say this city madras is full of crowded buses full of people standing-sleeping? YES SIR. just like that you can also sleep…BUT the only thing iis with eyes OPEN. YES SIR. so there are 3 options: think about the serial… the FRIEND - within inverted commas! or sleeping with eyes open." _107.8

best! beeteedoubleyoo: he totally did the "YES SIR"s all by himself XD

he then switched to some convoluted stuff about how in tamil we put thiru/thirumathi in front of a person's name but in sanskrit it's just sri whether the person be male/female. and there was also some stuff about rama and him becoming crown prince…and that being like some dude's father calling him and telling him that he got a really good rank and will appear in the paper tomorrow… :D

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rchlll said...

lolol ppl who call in to radio shows are the funniest.