Wednesday, 17 November 2010

some uke love.

reading an article about how to read tabs. im taking it slow so i really get it. anyhoo i also get to learn new (crazy/awesome) words!

mu•so |ˈmyoōzō|
noun ( pl. -sos) Brit., informal
a musician, esp. one overly concerned with technique.

tab•la•ture |ˈtablə ch ər; -ˌ ch oŏr|
noun chiefly historical
a form of musical notation indicating fingering rather than the pitch of notes, written on lines corresponding to, for example, the strings of a lute or the holes on a flute.

vi•hue•la |vēˈ(h)wālə|
a type of early Spanish stringed musical instrument, in particular.

...breakthrough! i think i just got it...tabs are like chord diagrams! with extra info like which strings to play and blah blah. ohhhhh. excellent! i can work with this! (in theory :D)

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