Friday, 14 March 2008

evian/naive ;)

current celebrity crush: john barrowman [he is perfection, sigh, i want him...but he has the cutest boi ever so i dont mind. so cute!]
cd: nick cave - from her to eternity
movie: a good year [all that is happy in this world is in this movie, i promise you. beautiful yellow light and french countryside and love and wine and nostalgia and living...]

this blog is rapidly turning into a depository for random thoughts...
...anyhooo was thinking that mebbe there is something in sun signs having elements connected to them...for example i am a crab hence a water sign and i think best in water the bath, in the shower, in swimming pools...watching the ocean...have genuine archimedes like eureka moments. plus theres something about the acoustics of a loo that is just so luxurious. which is probly why so many ppl sing automatically renders you a much better singer. but then again thats what gets people who truly cannot sing to go to american idol auditions. bathrooms and their idiot friends [who really arent their friends at all].
now am off to chek if the pyromaniacs i know are fire signs :D

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Divya said...

i'm a fire sign am i not?