Friday, 7 March 2008

finicky friday

listening to: jens lekman+mojave three

planning the way my weekends going to go. getting myself into the formatting for printing mode. which is always a suckfest. so many small detailed ways things, everything cud go horribly wrong. making lists. making sure i dont forget the important stuff. deciding what format i want things in. one good thing: recently bot a 2gb memory stick usb thing. still dont know what theyre called precisely. but its very cool. so far i have made lists and sketches and drawm up the format which i now i have to fill. methinks i shud start with the portfolio and get it out of the way. cause its not so much creativity as just slog. centering things on a3 pages and adding necessary text and embellishments. erm today...listened to some radio 1 [chappers and dave and sport relief] and made the first draft of a tattoo design for a frend. and read some salinger [its awesome how u can find his short stories online!] and some adorno [minimia moralia] i progress slowly but tis worth it. tis orwellian as well as pratchetty in a way...but pratchett like vetinari is more pragmatic. now off to make myself a cup of coffee, and read some bret easton ellis in the form of lunar park whose cover design draws me to it magnetically.

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