Monday, 17 March 2008

smoke screen

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was watching 'the wright stuff' and they were talking bout smoking in filums [among other things] and this is one of those things i feel strongly about...being anti stuff [anything] in movies and wanting to keep smoking and booze and drugs and whatever away from children to keep them away from things that cud eventually kill them is just so denying that something exists is going to keep them from killing themselves...i mean its just control...if i dont let them know about smoking they wont smoke and get lung cancer and die before i seems like a logical parently thing...but...obviously they are going to know it exists because of no smoking signs and people smoking on the roads [since they cant smoke in pubs ;P] mostly they will know because they r no daft. give them some credit. kids know everything. the better thing to do is let them know what u think. let them figure out what they think. and let them enjoy movies. all those beautiful movies where incidentally someones holding onto a cig. and if u dont point it out. they might just notice it at part of the frame, something that stays in their mind as a visual element. pure. unconnected to cancer, rebellion, death...and really theres so much i didnt notice as a kid. i knew a lot. but theres so much that just escaped me. like now i remember that the sherrif cartoon guy who was after the dalton brothers used to roll his own cigs. but then it didnt matter. i was amused enuf by the fact that the three villainous brothers [just looking it up and it seems there was a 4th brother whos existence i have sadly forgotten :D] were arranged ascendingly in height :D

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Divya said...

yeah, true... give them the choice. I think it's like religion, you can choose to be in or out after given the choice... otherwise it's like dictatorship...

Ranulph Chanticleer said...

I agree. If there's something you don't want your kids to do, and you're worried that TV/films will have a negative influence on them, don't use the TV as a babysitter!