Tuesday, 4 March 2008

atonement? nada!

listening to: nine inch nails
thud!, the dharma bums
to read:
lunar park, friendly fire

...just got done reading atonement. it basically deteriorates frm beginning to end. near the end i just got so desperate to be done with it. you know a book isnt great when u prefer the movie to it. and especially when kiera knightley is in the movie...thats when u know the book is seriously f%^&*ed.

thud! is sooo miles better. the problem with atonement was adjectives. the overuse of em. [and also the plot...doesnt help that u [i] cant sympathise with the main character] but i do think the first 20 pages or so are very well written.

i really like nine inch nails. think the name of the band made me assume certain things. love when movies show u bootiful songs that make u reconsider bands. am in a very manson, nineinchnails, rammstein mood after watching lost highway. this beat is so soothing in a way. listening to meet your master. i already love marilyn manson and now i want to hunt up the old mp3 cds with personal jesus and i dont like the drugs but the drugs like me and the nobodies and all that stuff on...

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