Wednesday, 5 March 2008


ahh. now that was a book. here is a review. which probably wont make sense to you if you havent read pratchett anyway. so read pratchett. start with any one. my first was jingo. completely engrossing. its a vimes book. those are the best. for sure. the susan books are second best. but really ankh morpork is the place to be. id much rather live in a city where the patrician and the watch are in control than earth which is a bloody stupid place. you always know where you are with discworld.
i have had a quote from one of the books saved on my phone for ages, will reproduce it here:
As a wizard, it was something that Ponder had only before encountered in acorns: a tiny soundless voice which said, yes, I am but a small, green, simple object - but I dream about forests.
think it must be from soul music...not sure where its from. but soul music is one of those books that just blew my mind to tineensy little pieces of whatever!

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