Tuesday, 4 March 2008

the 'art' in advert

thinking about how ads sell stuff yes ...but can also just be beautiful. i dont think the sony bravia ad is any less beautiful just because its eventual purpose is to sell tvs. i mean the people who happen to be tv shopping might give the bravia a look but the people who dream and regress into a kidlike state will still do that...no spell is broken. it exists as something beautiful. crazy balls and jose gonzales. i especially like garnier fructis [cudnt find the right vid...:(] ads cause theyre just so darn happy. all the people with the normal healthy hair being happy. and its not one of those over perfection digital hair which no one can get anyway type things...i bet they had a good time filming. or i hope so anyway. the eternally hopeful part of me imagines the behind the scenes as being floopy and fun and if thats a flat out lie. the staged happiness exists. the world within the blatant sales and consumerism. [basically i dont care that its fake, it makes me happy. yes i use fructis conditioner. but the ad also makes me so much happier than the conditioner alone cud have. had the ad not existed. and its not depressing like watching the news.] ...plus there are ads like the doodh ad...or green giant sweet corn! i looooove that ad! it just escapes and hops over into my life and makes eating this act of imagination and creation. like the neverending story. like the wonka song. <3

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