Saturday, 8 March 2008

mark the book

it just occurred to me when i grabbed something conveniently to hand and dropped it into the book i am currently reading where it now functions as a bookmark. the 'it' that i refer to is the feeling i have right now that the bookmark chooses the book...what i mean is. i grabbed the thing nearest, made of paper, about the right size for the function. in this case the book is lunar park and the bookmark is a square black piece of card [spit out by my polaroid, after loading], and it is so very appropriate to the book. thud! was a train ticket. and/or a yellow postcard about cannabis. atonement was a clothes tag [mossy green, posh quality paper, tactile]. and i am not intending to give the impression that atonement was a mossy green posh sort of book. in a way it was. it wasnt very good. but mossy green is a fair leading nowhere with this. just a thought. that occurred. and demanded writing down.

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Ranulph Chanticleer said...

I loved Lunar Park. It was scary!