Tuesday, 1 July 2008


i love my moleskine [its the ruled reporter one] pocketsize notebook. it's easy to carry bout cause o the size and the lines are the right width apart and its just gorjuss. plonk down lil reminders and notes to self bout the day and what i might want to include in a story later or email to someone or just remember. drawings of deranged inventions. and stuff like: what's the difference between an 'ity' and an 'ism' as in christian-ity vs. hindu-ism ...see?

anyhoo referring back to my notes on the buses from dundee to edin and there on to woolley edge [bledy 8 hours..but was not too bad cause i managed to sleeeep away the time mostly and inbetween eavesdropped and generally spied on ppl]
so two things...before i got on the bus at dundee there was a young mum with a toddler and a baaba and ppl were so watching and being cute and wanting to help and one old lady asked if she wanted her to hold the 'wee boy' but then he just jumped off onto the bus...and then she folded up the pram and another lady helped by holding the baaba...and the lady standing behind me was talking to her husband bout how its hard and that was the bus going all the way to london...all that way..with two little ones...its not easy...generally a happy way to start the day.
n then on the bus there were these cute americans sitting behind me. fellow with long hair and girl with lighter hair and glasses. they were cute with each other. much convi. much relaxed vibe. talking bout many dogs. and i was just enjoying it. didnt make me want to cry. cause it was just so happy. altho she did mention dogs of the past whod died etc..i noted down all the dog names :) coco, coco II, cocoa [the story of the 3 cocoas including her one spelt with an 'a' and how its a common dog name] nice! my itunes just pinged to let me know iv imported the whatever and ever amen cd [ben folds five] yay! happy ping!
more names: higgins, claire [there was a cute bit when they were discussing old dogs and he went i want to see claire old and crazy...odd thing to say but just like a random reflection to the future, cute], shadow [who loves the fella...he just loves you and follows you around...he doesnt love steve, he doesnt not like steve but he treats him like everyone else...but he loves you], sammy...
mm what else...the guy who got and and sat next to me at newcastle had really wispy brown hair cut short on the sides so his head was visible but in a good way...was fascinating..

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