Sunday, 6 July 2008

do you know the O.C. bible?

When a book that is thick, small-fonted and as imposing as Dune, is so incredibly easy to read - it has to be special. It makes me happy that there are so many following it that i can look forward to reading. I was on page 111 when Halleck said the line:

I have been a stranger in a strange land.
_ Gurney Halleck [Dune - Frank Herbert]

and that brings me back to LOST...ah joy..i might have to wait until feb of next year for more episodes but there are so many connections and references to pursue. I'd really forgotten any hint of LOST/Dune connections and was just enjoying it as a lovely sci fi novel [so far my favourite character is Paul - the obvious choice probly]. Sadly the beautiful line is connected to bloody jack of all ppl. That single horrible pointless episode about his tattoos and whatever...does he have a terrible purpose like Paul? eugh. Anyhoo i first got the craving to read the Dune novels after watching some parts of Children of Dune on hallmark [where i discovered mr mcavoy :) mmm...] and the book is better than i could ever have imagined. Can't wait to be done with them all [thankfully all in the lib] and watch the David Lynch movie.

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rockmetteller todd said...

ÖOIZSJFÖOSDFLKDFLÖK I WANT TO WATCH DAVID LYNCH'S DUNE!!!11 Kyle MacLachlan plays Paul Atreides. Can it get any more awesome? NO!