Saturday, 19 July 2008

incandescent velvet ramblings

in weird mood. anna was here yest. we watched the whole bbc pride and prejudice series. we have it on dvd. 2 epis last night. and the rest today morn. this was after a lot of mocking of stephenie meyer which we both havent actually read but the extracts available on amazon r pretty poorly written and also sparkly vampires?? need i say more :)
anyhoo so now here i am sitting in my room. waiting for divya to be on. tried missed calling but looks like her phones switched off or something. wil wait. not in mood to read or do anything really. one o those days. i sit here. and do nothing. apart from listen to music...
watching p&p again made me notice so many things..the subtle yet detailed acting by everyone where the subtlest movement contains so much that is unspoken but completely obvious. so completely like real life. makes me fear my own transparency.
i love singing along to happiness is a warm gun. it is my fave beatles song frm the pov of my singing. and because its one of those ones which just escape making sense. something i truly love. so much to ponder. so loopable. also reminds me of singing late at night on campus with niv.
going now. more later. or mebbe not.

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rachellle said...

You HAVE to read the Twilight series! Those books are hilarious. Sooooo cheesy. XD