Wednesday, 2 July 2008

hey nana na na nana

to do:
  • put away bday gifts
  • organise desk - make one neat cd draw, and free up one
  • laundry
  • vacuum room
  • figure out poa..
nighttiming - coconut records
  • am listening to the extra alternate tracks and clips on the cd
  • its such a good buy [or gift as ze bootiful zivya got it pour moi xx]
  • so many so many extra musics as well as speshul gift
  • twas a double sided poster - one side enlarged polaroid of the schwartzman
  • other side many small polaroids [25]
  • i love this says what i want to say exactly about everything
  • when people ask what are you thinking? or whats wrong? why are you grinning like a loon? why are you laughing madly? why are you sobbing in the corner? i should play the cd - the whole cd.


Ranulph Chanticleer said...

"why do you want to learn to love it?" I was being ironic. :p

rachellle said...

We just want to go to Germany. And music festivals are always fun. ^^

Divya said...

yeah i'm a genius, i know! it's ok... i just KNOW your mind... it's impossible for the innocent human mind to grasp the working of brains such as mine :D

thesilentq said...