Sunday, 27 July 2008

writing again


It slipped out I said it

I slipped up eruption in my head

Of a word gone wrong

A moment out of control

To forget, to dive into the floor

Escape. Hide. Disappear.

Oh but you know her

Oh really she’s your sister, you love her

Your mother, right, yes I’m a twat


I said it I meant it

It was a mistake and I knew it

You never know who you’re talking to

Think you do but you don’t

A conversational fullstop

Gaps. Pause. Silence.

Oh but you are her

Oh really for sure her, you have cancer

Your dying, right, yes I’m like that

ps. random definitions i felt to google up. for fun.

impelled: driven: urged or forced to action through moral pressure; "felt impelled to take a stand against the issue"

compelled: forced or driven to action

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