Sunday, 27 July 2008

something cheery to help my brain recover from the shining

hee! here's me being a fangirl. the perfect combination of house, mush and a really good song.

anyhoo just watched lords of dogtown. good visuals. but as a movie didnt affect me much. not in the way that almost famous matters to me. now a cameron crowe skate movie that i would love :D reminds me..i wanted to chek out his rolling stone writing. if i can find it. off to do a google!

OMG links!

i knew he had to be good to have written for rolling stone and made almost famous. but this good. oh holy crap...excerpt time!

Then, hands in pockets, Vedder eases into the words. He gives himself, wrenchingly, to a thousand empty seats. When it's over, there is a buzz in the air. The band is clearly energized.

listening to pearl jam now. thinking bout back when i first heard it. i dont even remember why i bought yield. the tape. what did i base that on? i just know i loved it. stil do.

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